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Languages:German, English
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Colour:Blonde
Eye Colour:Blue
Height:166 cm
Dress Size:36
Incall: Yes
Favourite Drink:Martini, White Wine
Perfume: Armani
My sexual preferences:erotic massage, role play, striptease, hotel visits, cob, additional eXtra´s

Looking for a beautiful and hot escort girl to have a good time? Well, my friend, I think you may have just hit the jackpot. My name is Jolie, or you can call me Jo if you behave, and I am possibly going to be your hot call-girl very soon if you want me to be. Of course, many escort girls at Playmate Escort Service are extremely hot. But I have had many customers who have been very interested in me and have hired me more than once, calling me their one and only hot escort girl. Maybe I can be yours too soon?

First – what can we get up to? Well, a hot girl like me likes to get treated well by a nice man such as yourself. Take me to a dazzling restaurant for some divine food and a bottle of champagne. Take me to a beautiful museum with amazing exhibitions. Take me to the cinema to see the latest film craze everybody is talking about. Whatever we do, I love being treated by a cute man like yourself. So if you are looking for a hot escort girl to treat tonight, then look no further.

As for the specific details – I am happy to be taken anywhere if I’m really honest. That is, I have no specific wishes in terms of a type of restaurant, type of museum or art gallery. So long as you are happy, then I am happy. And so long as you give me lots of attention and treat me well. Maybe I will even treat you well in return later on in your hotel room. Do you think you deserve it? Maybe you will have also been a bad boy and will need to be punished, or I will have misbehaved and will need to be punished… yeah, you get the idea. Let’s talk more about details face-to-face when we meet up soon. If you want to cut to the chase and want to have some fun together in your hotel room straight away, then I am up for that as well. You just need to tell to the Escort Service in advance what you have planned for me so I know what to expect (and also how to dress for the right occasion!).

So, yeah, if you want me to be your hot escort girl tonight, then call the Playmate Escort Service and get be hired. Just ask for Jolie, and they’ll know exactly who you mean. The guys at the service can also give you some hints and tips as to where to take me and treat me right, so just ask them if you are unsure yourself and perhaps new to the city. Anyway, I look forward to getting the call from Playmate Escort Service to tell me that you have hired me and that you want to spend some intimate time with me, whether that be in a restaurant, museum, club, your hotel room… I’m getting excited just thinking about it right now.

See you very soon, you gorgeous man!


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