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Languages:German, English
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Colour:Blonde
Eye Colour:Brown
Height:162 cm
Dress Size:34
Incall: Yes
Favourite Drink:Whisky
Perfume: J´Adore
My sexual preferences:69, owo, role play, dildo play, striptease, verbal erotic, outcall escort, eXtras on request

Hey there, handsome. Nice to see that you decided to click on me to find out a little more on me. My name is Melany and I am possibly your future slim call-girl.

You see, I get it. Some men really do love chubby women. And I am cool with that. I think that every woman is beautiful, no matter what. And every guy has his own fetishes and tastes. And I am lucky that some guys, like you, are really attracted to slim escort girls, just like me. That’s why you clicked on my page, right? Admit it! It’s OK, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I love it when a man really finds me attractive and knows how to show it. As to how he shows it…well… let’s just say I’ll leave him to think of some fun ideas. But anyway, do you think you can handle me, a beautiful and slim escort girl? If you think you can, then read a little bit more to see what I am interested in and what I like to do.

They say looks can deceive, and with me, there is no difference. I am a big culture geek and I love museums and art galleries. If you are too, then we can go to a local museum or gallery to awe at the pieces of art and other exhibitions together. I love discussing things like that – it’s so interesting to hear other people’s opinions and exchange ideas. A lot of guys are surprised when I say that, but hey – we all have our peculiarities, right? On the other hand, it really excites some men, too, who also love it. So, anyway, that is definitely on the cards if you decide to choose me as your soon-to-be slim call-girl. As with any other girl, I also love being wined and dined in a nice restaurant. Hey, maybe we could even go to an art gallery and then move on to a nice restaurant to discuss the exhibition? Of course, if you’re not a big geek like I am, then we don’t have to do any of the gallery or museum stuff – I can talk about other things too! Just try me. I’m a big fan of Italian food, but generally, I am otherwise not fussy and I love trying out new things as well.

Speaking about trying out new things, that is also included in things that happen… well, let’s say behind closed doors. I have a lot of experience in that department and I have many happy customers who have asked for me again and again, but if you want to try something out that I may be inexperienced in, then I am happy to try it out too (within reason, of course). We can either try it out after our meal, or we can just meet directly in your hotel room and try it out from the word “Go”! Just let and Playmate Escort Service know in advance so we can work something out and I can prepare myself for whatever you have in store for me.

So, does this sound like something you are interested in? Your very own slim escort girl who is not only intelligent and intellectual, but also sexual and intimate? Then call the Playmate Escort Service and ask for me, Melany. Just let them know what you would like to do with me and I will dress appropriately.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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